Anti-Slip Sheet Roll Type
Anti-Slip Roll, Roll Type
Good point of Non-Slip Roll, Roll Type

* Just by laying out, non-slip effect is outstanding.
*It is useful as vibration prevention of precision instrument.
*Because it is being rolled very long at about 30M and thread core is already built-in in the product, you can cut the size you want and make use of it.
*For inner lay out in a trunk room
*For slippage block of keyboard during operation
*For underneath door mat at entrance or lobby

Product Name
Non-Slip Roll, 30M Roll Type

Price Size (mm)
(¥45,000 without tax)
About 900(w)x30M roll(l)x3(t)
Material Weight Quantity Per Carton Item Number/Color
PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride), PER/Polyester About 12500g 1 pcs