Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Car-boy Corporation recognizes an importance of personal information protection in the high-tech information network society and considers that carrying out the appropriate management is the important societal duty.

Therefore, we establish following privacy policy which is administered by us in this website, deal with customer's personal information by following this privacy policy, and put our effort on administration and management for the website in order for customers to take advantage of it securely.

When we obtain customer's personal information through website, we deal with it by following our privacy policy.

However, upon the specific website where personal information will be obtained, in case it is ruled different from our privacy policy, our privacy policy takes precedence over the different regulation.

Definition of Personal Information
It is defined as the one which can distinguish an individual from address, name, TEL, E-mail address, number or symbol which belongs to the individual or other descriptions provided by customers through internet; moreover, even if the individual cannot be distinguished by only these factors, it is defined as the native information which can distinguish individual by collating it with other information easily.

Gathering Personal Information
When we ask customers to provide personal information, the purpose of usage will be accounted for in advance.
Personal information provided by customers will be used only within a scope of usage purpose and not be used besides it without their agreement. In case where customers do not hope for providing their personal information to us, they are able to deny it based on their own judgment. In this case, some of the service on our website might not be available, so please kindly understand it beforehand.

Personal Information to Third Party

We do not release customer's personal information to a third-party.
Yet, it will not be applied if one of the followings could fall under the category.

1. When there is customer's agreement.
2. When there is a need for releasing individual information to cooperate company who conclude a secret maintenance treaty, subsidiary or business entrusted company for the sake of implementing clearly expressed collection to customers.
3. In case that it is unable to distinguish individual customers from statistically processed data.
4. When it is necessary to respond to an offer based on rules and regulations.

Safety Management For Personal Information
When we obtain personal information from customers, we express the administrative place in advance to the specified website where the personal information is provided. The administration tries every possible means to ensure firewall set up, computer virus measure, and other rational security measure in order to prevent an illegal access to a third party, and leakage, diversion, or falsification of information by strictly storing and managing the provided personal information.

About Reference, Modification, Deletion Of Personal Information
With regard of contents of provided personal information to us, please ask the administration if you want to request reference, modification, deletion, etc. When we confirm that the requested person is identified as customers by themselves, we release, modify, or delete their personal information within rational term.

Personal Information Protection Toward Link
We can not take any responsibility for safety secure of personal information from our website to linked website. With regard of personal information on the link, please confirm the relevant privacy policy by customers themselves.

Contacting Window
If you have any problems regarding customer's provided personal information, please feel free to contact us from question form.