Company Guidance
Company Outline
Trade Name Car-boy Co., Ltd.
Main Office Address 5-6-2, Hiyoshidai, Togane City, Chiba, Japan, Postal code 283-0803
TEL 0475-55-7821
Chiba Business Office Address

7-17-15, Hiyoshidai, Togane City, Chiba, Japan, Postal code 283-0803

TEL 0475-55-7820
FAX 0475-55-7822
Goods Distribution Center Address 1314, Tama, Togane City, Chiba, Japan, Postal code 283-0005
TEL 0475-55-7966
FAX 0475-55-3120
Foundation Date October 1st, 1984
Capital One Hundred Thousand in US Dollars
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kazuo Mawarimoto
Number of Employees 48 members (including part-time workers)
List of Sales Item

Child Care, Household, Nursing, and Project・Manufacture・Import and Sales of Safety Goods for firm

Dealing Financial Organization Chiba Bank, Togane Branch
Chiba Promotional Bank, Togane Sanpia Branch
Keiyo Bank, Togane Branch

Company History
1984, October Foundation of Car-boy at Tsukiji, Chuou-ku, Tokyo
1985, January Establishment of business office at Okamoto, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
1988, January Establishment of Car-boy Corporation
1991, October Transfer of main office to Hiyoshidai, Togane City, Chiba
1996, May Transfer of business office to Matsunogo, Togane City, Chiba
2004, February

Establishment of Goods Distribution Center at Tama,Togane City, Chiba

2004, March

Establishment of project/design and show room at 7-chome, Hiyoshidai, Togane City, Chiba

2006, December Establishment of Car-boy URL,
  Shopping site,
2007, September

Establishment of foreign department, 'Safety Abroad Co., Ltd.'

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